Prevent Harm: Stop Sepsis Before It Starts

We measure the success of a sepsis prevention program in lives saved, admissions averted, and costs significantly reduced. Find out how you can do it too.

Prevent harm like Southeast Health has – they’ve realized an average monthly sepsis reduction of more than 25% with help from Jvion.

Find out how to prevent harm with Jvion. Download the Southeast Health story.

Sepsis is insidious.

Do you know who’s next? We do.

In the early stages, Sepsis looks like a lot of other things, then suddenly it is out of control and you are out of time.

With Jvion, you can identify at-risk patients before clinical signs of sepsis are present, getting ahead of a medical emergency and saving lives.


AI that Prevents Patient Harm

Pinpoint at-risk patients and identify effective interventions proactively.


Impactable Risk

Identify the individual at risk of sepsis and his or her trajectory toward onset.


Individualized Intervention

Drive primary prevention efforts before definitive sepsis symptoms are present.

Jvion Delivers Results

Jvion provides an actionable view into the future state of a patient’s health and identifies specific, individualized interventions to lower risk and improve outcomes.


reduction in
resource demands

Greater precision and better insights into who is a risk and impactable allow more efficient resource allocation.


in total (potential)
cost avoidance

Based on a 10% reduction in sepsis incidences annually, a substantial cost savings can be realized by hospitals.